Posted by: Kalfurion | September 30, 2008

Hi there! *flails branches*

OK… the branches are a lie.  However, I can assure you that the cake is not.  I know this because I am eating a revoltingly large piece of it right now.  It’s carrot cake too, which is making it even more enjoyable – I am sure those silly plant druid things out there are crying as I devour more vegetation!

As you may have gathered (especially if you have gone to the about page) this is not Kalfurion, whoever he may be.  Readers of Saresa’s blog (which I am going to give ABSURD amounts of link love to in this very post) may be familiar with the name.  Yep, Kalf is the guy who I regularly infuriate by peeing in moonwells and mocking his dying branches.  After a lot of nagging on my behalf, he has been forced decided to start his own blog.  Why?

a)  Kalf likes to talk.  ALOT.  So much so that he wants to write GUEST POSTS on my blog!  The nerve!

b)  I am a pushy creature and thought that it would be fun to see what he would come up with.

What do you think you will see here?

– Lots of QQing about a certain warlock.

– Some story telling, perhaps RP style stuff that I suck at and therefore pretend not to like because it makes me feel better about sucking (very much like TJ’s philosophy… which could almost be confused with TJ’s Phil, but shouldn’t be).

– Druidy stuffs.  Mainly resto.  Possibly boomkin?  *shrugs*

– Skinny ass Australian guy rubbing it in that he can eat 5 times as much as me and not be a fat cow.  Humph.

– More QQing.

– Me popping in to cause havoc?  Well, we shall see… Kalf may like his boundaries, just as I like mine.

Be sure to keep visiting, who knows WHAT will happen here!

❤ Sar


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