Posted by: Kalfurion | October 2, 2008

Stealthy Resto Druids are FTW

Bit of a random post but here goes. Lately I’ve just been clearing quests, things like that. One of the quest lines involves being exalted with the Consortium to get a key to unlock the chamber inside Heroic Mana Tombs to fight an optional boss, link and such here. Anyway since it’s an obscure time nobody seemed interested at all in doing a proper run, so what do I do? Hehe, I stealth it.

Since I’m specced Resto I don’t have that nifty talent that improves kitty stealth so I have to be super careful where I step and how long I wait before I move on. Let me tell you this, it was nerve racking! Luckily I only had to stealth past the first boss and goto the left, behind those Mana Leech things.  Best thing about it was you can unlock the chamber without aggroing the mobs, so that saved me from busting out my awesome hurricanes.


Oh, by the way.  I dunno if this will be the final layout for the blog, I kinda like it, it’s all peaceful and such.  Lol the header is definitely temp.



  1. Ah, stealthy druid adventures. So much fun. If only I was there this time to get you killed like I usually do!!

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