Posted by: Kalfurion | October 4, 2008

This one time, at Druid camp.

Okay, so I haven’t always been Resto. But that was only because back in the day I was curious about being a Moonkin, as most Druids may or may not be, just because it is a cool looking powerhouse of a thing. Anyway, I wasn’t specced Balance for long, it was just out of curiosity and it wasn’t even for that long, first in the 40’s and then again in the 60’s. I didn’t see it as anything super special. In my eyes anyway. So Resto I stayed.

Of course, there have been times where I have specced Feral. I do have a respectable Tank and DPS set in my bank. Although I’ve only ever raided as Feral once, in SSC. ANYway, I think I should get back on track and stop jumping all over the place. The point of this entry was to go back and look at my progress as a level 70 Resto Druid and how I started raiding as a healer.

As most people would have done, I started by aiming for the Dungeon 3 set, in this case the Moonglade set for us Druidy ones. I did manage to get the entire set and I still have it, as a keep sake I guess. I was in mostly blues at that point, I think the only epics I had were the Exalted mace from Sha’tar rep and the healing neck from Badges. At that point I was sitting at about 1500 +healing, which isn’t too bad. That would be the minimum healing required to start run heroics, in my experience anyway.

After that gear was gathered I was prepared for Karazhan! But there was one problem. I was working whenever my guild raided Karazhan and this was back when Karazhan was the place to be and was pretty challenging. Oh, by the way, back then my Druidy self was in Dying Breed. I’m sure you would recognise that name from Sar’s blog, cause her Druid is in that guild.

But I think that topic is left for another time.

Since I had to work every single time Dying Breed went to go and raid, I was stuck, or was I? I found a guild that needed a healer, Liquid Courage, ah the good old days. I raided with them for quite awhile, only doing Karazhan of course and it’s thanks to them that I got my start in raiding on Kalf. The first run I did with them proved really, really profitable. I got bracers and an off-hand and legs and shoulders, in one run.

It was a pretty amazing experience back then, seeing all of Karazhan for the first time. Of course back then it was a time where a run up to Curator would take about 4 or 5 hours.

So for a few months, I ran Kara every week with Liquid Courage, getting myself geared up to the teeth. By the end of it all, I had every drop I needed from that place except Prince’s damn mace. Which to this day I have still only seen once!

My time with Liquid Courage spanned from November last year to about January if memory serves my correctly. After all that, my work schedule kept changing and I wasn’t even able to raid with Liquid Courage or Dying Breed. So for a month or so I had stopped raiding, until of course I started applying for raiding guilds.

Enter Arcis. Sigh, it hurt to leave Dying Breed. They were a family, hell they still are to me. Saresa mentioned in one of her posts about the same issue and we both feel the same about it because both of our toons grew up in Dying Breed, it’s not an easy step to leave a guild that has been so so good to you.

And that my dear readers is how Kalfurion got his foot into the world of raiding.



  1. traitor:P.. maybe one day you will get bored with raiding and return to DB. there is still hope!:P anyway.. glad you are having fun raiding. see ya in the game!

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