Posted by: Kalfurion | October 5, 2008

Is there any point?

Maybe if I started blogging a month or two ago I may have had more motivation to write about my play style and why I use the certain talents that I do. But I don’t know if there’s any real point with the next patch coming out in ten days.

I suppose there is nothing stopping me from having a whine about things at the moment:

  1. Other Resto Druids. I don’t know what it is but I just do not get along with them in raids. Even if they are doing a great job I just have this massive grudge against them. Like they are trying to steal my thunder or something. Heh, probably because I have such a huge ego. As a certain Warlock would put it.
  2. Stacking +heal gems and wasting the socket bonuses and the +int/+spi hybrid gems. Just don’t do it. A lot of the leather healing gear has great socket bonuses that I find in the end helps so much. If you think you’re super cool by stacking massive amounts of +heals, gear or gem wise. You have another thing coming. It takes a combination of +healing, spirit, regen, mana pool to be a good Resto Druid. If you can’t spam your Hots without running out of mana there is something very, very wrong.
  3. Talents. I understand that certain players use mostly two different specs when it comes to being a Resto Druid. Actually, three. Full Resto talents, or the two other builds comprising of balance talents. Honestly I love being 0/0/61. But something I don’t understand is when a Druid, who’s aiming for full Resto talents wastes their last few points in things that are just plan silly. Like Omen of Clarity. Silly, very silly. I’ve also seen points wasted in Furor. Don’t ask me why, it was just stupid in my opinion.

At the moment, those three points have been on my mind a lot with the way WoW is currently. I know it’s all going to change once that patch comes out. Heaps of different talents to ogle, new spells, all that jazz. Sadly I haven’t had a chance to play with this talents or spells since my internet has been playing up and I won’t have my proper ADSL2 back until the 16th. Oh well.

I guess after Wrath has nicely set in and a few weeks have passed I can starting whining about more things talent and spell wise. I would go into a bit more detail with this post but I feel like I’m in limbo and just waiting around for all the new content.



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