Posted by: Kalfurion | October 7, 2008

Looking for Perfect Group, PST

The other day I was talking to Sar about what classes we prefer in a 5 man group. It broke my Druidy heart when she said she would prefer a Priest as her healer. I then asked her if she would prefer a Priest over me healing the group. Guess what she said! Exactly. She would rather a Priest. Sigh, what is this world coming to. Anyway, so I got to thinking about what classes would make up my ideal group. And even after all the bad mouthing and Resto Druid hate I copped from Sar, I told her that I would prefer a Warlock over any other DPS.

I’ve always had a liking for Warlocks, even back in my MC days I was good friends with a Warlock. I would always prefer Sar over any other Warlocks simply because she annihilates anyone else on the damage meters. She was doing a steady 2k in Hyjal the other day! 1k above all the others Warlocks. And she totally kicked the crap out of this one Warlock we have who paid for his Tier 6 shoulders and still doesn’t know how to play. Ah, such is life. Another great point where skill > gear. Anyway, onto my ideal group!

My ideal group would have to be:

Tank: Paladin
Healer: Me
DPS: Warlock, Mage and Rogue

I’m a bit of a weird one and when I’m playing on other classes I don’t trust having a Resto Druid as a healer over another class. Which I think is a very strange issue. Especially since I know my class so well and know that a Druid can be a very excellent healer.

I’ve already explained why I like having Warlocks as my DPS. For the Mage and Rogue, well, they do have excellent CC even though it would hardly ever be used in my ideal group but the handy sheep to be thrown out there if things get messy and the tank can’t grab it (which would be unusual to happen with a good Paladin). Otherwise they are great classes to bring to most groups, both can do out standing DPS on a single target and makes most runs very quick and fun.

Why a Paladin do you say? I just enjoy not having to worry about my heals pulling a mob that another form of tank is either, too lazy to simply hit it, or just a really bad tank. But that can happen with a Paladin too. I enjoy the fact that they can tank multiple mobs at once. I love watching it. I love Paladins, no matter how much Sar hates them!

And those are my thoughts on my ideal group.

/Teleport: Moonglade


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