Posted by: Kalfurion | October 18, 2008

Druids are NOT OP

My fellow readers, I am sorry about the intrusion by our fellow Warlock friend. Don’t listen to her stories. Sure, it’s the greatest feeling ever to be able to bring someone back from the dead without having a stupid cooldown to wait for. And sure, I wanted to test it out a lot.

When I first logged in when the patch hit, I spammed in Guild, Trade and LFG for someone to go die so I could rez them. Nobody wanted to. But what Sar was saying was not the truth. I asked her to come along on that RFD run so I could get myself the achievement for finishing the place since I’m sure everyone is aware not everything was retrospective, which sucks, especially when you have Kael’s Hawkstrider and have the achievement for that but yet, and this is humorous, I haven’t finished Heroic Magister’s.

Anyway, I thought I would ask Sar to bring her baby hunter along for some easymode exp, yeah she did get A LOT, about half a level or so. I do not hold myself responsible if she feels up to wandering off and not following close behind and then die. I was moonfiring the casters just to make sure they’d have full attention on me! I bet she was attacking the caster mobs that were lagging behind just so she could get some more attention from me and then in the end just blame the death on me.

Unless of course. Earlier in the day she was telling me how she’s never watched a female Draenei die before. Hmm, it’s all starting to make sense. If she can blame me for wanting to use my out of combat rez, then I can blame her for wanting to see her Draenei die. And she’s a hunter! Why didn’t she feign?

The mind of a Warlock is such a mystery, an evil mystery sometimes.

On a side note, I love my AoE heal. /hug Wild Growth



  1. I did feign!! Silly noob tree… 😛

  2. Yeah the AoE heal is pretty great! I did the same thing when i got my rez too! I couldn’t find anyone either, i just waited by the elevator and sure enough someone fell and i was there to rez them!

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