Posted by: Angela | October 18, 2008

Why Druids Should NEVER Have Been Given Revive

Once again, I am infiltrating and taking over with my Warlocky ways. Of course, I am doing this for the greater good of you, the reader. Sure, Kalf may sound nice. He may have convinced you that there could be nothing sinister in those flailing branches. Druids are awfully good at conning people, and sometimes we forget about their shifty natures.

Today, I was merrily questing on my lovable hunter, Jaq. I had a new pet turtle who needed some exercise and training, so we were running around, taking on some menacing bears, and saving the populace of Southshore from being eaten as soon as they walked out the door. Next thing you know, Kalf sends me an invite. ‘How about you come to RFD with me?’

Since, as I have endlessly mentioned, I am really a kind and loving soul (you are what you eat!), I let him know that I would accompany him – despite the immense trek that was involved for me, having no flightpath further south than Stormwind – on the proviso that I could put myself on auto follow from Ratchet to RFD, as I had some washing to get off the line. No problemo, he says. Excellent, sez I. I eventually make my way their, put my delicate self in his ‘capable’ hands, and set off to get the washing.

Lo and behold, when I return, what do I see but one very dead hunter, and a lazy druid sitting next to her body! All he had to say on the matter was ‘Um… it never happened’. Tell that to my broken gear. Tell that to my brand new pet! His faith in me must have been considerably shaken after that happening. Poor Caesar.

Well, I released and started to run, when he rezzed me. I thanked him, jumped back on my elekk, and we wound our way in. Kalf ran ahead with barely a thought for my poor self trying to keep up, and picked up a few mobs. By a few I mean half an instance. Of course, he didn’t KEEP all of these mobs on him. No sirree. The casters decided it would be a great deal of fun to pick on me instead. I honestly don’t know why, it wasn’t like I DID anything to them! He was the one spamming Moonfire! I came close to death a few times, but managed to survive. Clearly I managed slightly too well.

So, Kalf pulled even MORE mobs. Sure enough, some of the casters decided my much younger and more attractive self would be more fun to beat upon. So they did. So I died. Which, of course, gave Kalf another chance to rez me. He was distinctly unapologetic. I was starting to suspect he actually ENJOYED using his new power.

Sure enough, a few more mobs in, and I managed to die – AGAIN! This just confirmed it! He was trying to kill me! That sneaky, shifty Druid was intentionally letting me die so he could chuckle and rez me. To boot, he managed to let me die on the way out when he ‘didn’t notice’ a couple of mobs come running right towards me. Then he let me die outside as he pulled all the mobs along the way, ‘trying’ to help. Of course. Until they got tired of chasing him, started to run back, and saw me ambling along after him on my much slower elekk. One Shield Slam and several other blows later, and I had to be rezzed again.

Clearly he has no restraint. Give the guy an inch, and he will take a mile. Give him a rez, and he will let you die JUST for the opportunity of using it. Trees could take a lesson or two from Spidey: With great power comes great responsibility.


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