Posted by: Kalfurion | November 6, 2008

Ambassador with the White Drake

So my brain has been a bit dead when it comes to anything to blog about, especially with the next expansion so close.  I was chatting to Sar a few minutes ago about my current adventures in WoW and she tells me I should blog about it.  Well duh, I’m such a dork sometimes.  She has always been the brains in our friendship.

Anyway, I love achievements, I’ve been grinding them like a crazy person.  I’m sitting at 281/745…


And something that shocked me today.  Sar was actually impressed at the dedication I put into getting the mounts together to obtain the Albino Drake.  It made me feel special!  She usually calls me a dork for doing such things.

The other thing I think is kind of cool and appropriate for stepping into Northrend is having such an awesome title, just like this:


And in other random news, my guild, Arcis, finally took down Illidan and I got his sexy mace!



  1. your writing about such mythical concoctions both puzzles and perplexes me that you are much much too engrossed in this world.
    what? lalalalalalala sorry,
    fun times keep up the grind!

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