Posted by: Kalfurion | November 12, 2008

It Has Begun!

There was nothing unusual about this day at all, just another boring day in Stormwind. The sky was forever blue, the chatter amongst the people gathering in the Trade District echoed through the canals and what greenery stood within the city lay undisturbed by the gentle breeze. However, members of the Argent Dawn had seemed to be visiting the major cities of late, as if anticipating an attack of some kind. Most ignored them and thought nothing of it. Others knew in the back of their mind something was not right. It had been on Kalfurion’s mind a lot lately, something was stirring in the Emerald Dream, thoughts most unkind. He had seen many restless nights, never sleeping more than a few hours but being the strong willed one he is, he never let it show. Unlike someone.

Kalfurion was, like most days, hanging out in the park of Stormwind by the moonwell, gathering his thoughts and planning his days. He wasn’t alone. Saresa had been tagging along in his journey’s lately. Why? Apparently she was bored and needed a Druid to laugh at. She didn’t have a care in the world. It was the middle of the day and she was asleep on the grass in front of the well. The shadow of our hero made Saresa stir in her sleep and she was eventually brought back from the dream land.

“Afternoon.” Kalfurion simply stated. Sighing to himself as his gaze met the sleepy head.
“Huh? Wha?” She replied, truly being care free and unable to sense the looming shadow Kalfurion had been feeling lately. “Oh, right. I suppose I should get up and…” She paused as she sat up, looked to the Night Elf then the moon well and grinned to herself, “Fish!” With that said, she crawled her way to the edge of the well to sit cross legged and stare into the sacred water.
“…Again?” Is all Kalf was able to come up with, not really surprised she wanted to do something to tease him, once again.

While Saresa fiddled with the fishing rod that seemed to never leave her side, the Druid gazed off into the sky. Something was not right. His arms came down from his chest to lay at his sides, hands curled into fists as his gaze became fixed on an object in the distance heading closer to the city.

“I don’t think fishing would be the wisest thing to do at this moment dear Saresa.”
“Oh don’t be like that, I thought you’d be used to-” Her sentence was cut off as Kalf gripped her shoulder rather tightly. “-Hey hey hey! That hurts you stupid tree!”
“The Scourge are upon us, it all makes sense as to why the Argent Dawn have been so active as of late.” The Night Elf snarled as the image became clearer. What he was starring at were masses of Frost Wyrms, ready to assault the harbour. Saresa had actually listened to him for once and was watching the same scene unfold.
“Maybe you’re right for once Kalf. All your silly worrying was getting annoying.” She popped up from her seated position, dusting off her robe and stood by the Druid. “Since you’ve been worrying about it for so long, you must have a plan or something. Right doofus?”
“I-” Before he could reply, cannons had begin to fire and after they had settled for a moment a heroic voice could be heard.
“For the Alliance! Show those Scourge scum what it means to threaten us!” It was the King himself, at the front lines of the siege it seemed.

The Night Elf did not bother waiting for Sar to gather her things and promptly shape shifted into something a little more convenient to get to the harbor quicker. The Warlock sighed at his eagerness to see what was going on but she did admire him, she knew how selfless he could be in the heat of battle. She shook her head and began casting a spell to summon her Dreadsteed into this realm. In a matter of minutes the pair were at the top of the harbor starring at a most unfriendly sight. Scourge had nearly taken over the harbor, masses of the Argent Dawn had arrived to fend them off, with large numbers of the Alliance forces fighting, pushing the Scourge back to where they came from. Kalfurion shifted back from his travel form and turned to watch Saresa dismount from her Dreadsteed.

“The war has begun. I think we’re off to Northrend.”  The Druid simply stated.
“You know what Kalf? I think you’re right for once.”


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