Posted by: Kalfurion | January 3, 2009

Something, Something and then Some.

I know, I know.

“Where have you been?”, “Why aren’t you blogging anymore?”, “We mis you!”

Okay, maybe I lied a bit.  Nobody has been saying those things but oh well, I still felt bad for not writing anything.  So the story goes a little something like this

I became overwhelmed with raiding, Arcis were raiding nearly every single day.  And if it weren’t 25 man content, our super 10 man group or my 5 man heroic group would be going around tearing things apart.  But I hit a wall.  The 25 man content was becoming unfun to me because of a certain few people who refused to learn the mechanics of their class, couldn’t understand the fights and wouldn’t ask for help.  Loot was going to people who clearly did not deserve it, especially so early on in the raiding season.  And one of those raid nights, I snapped.  I’m not going to mention names or classes or specs because that would just be silly and I’m over it but certain people were getting gear and I said something, a whole lot of something.  I shouldn’t have but I did.  And yeh, I felt silly.

So I stopped doing the 25 man content with my guild for nearly two weeks to try and cool off.  I still did the 10 man content, especially Naxx, because I find it to be really fun.  The 10 man versions of the raids are, in my opinion, relaxing.  No dramas.  But now I’m back in the 25 man raids and I just don’t care anymore.  I’m there to help my raid leaders, cause they’re good friends.  I’m not going to let my selfish elitist attitude ruin raiding for me.  I hate myself sometimes.  And the only thing I can really say is, that shit happens.  Excuse the language.



  1. There are reasons I don’t have any intention of re-joining the 40/25-man raiding, and you hit them. 10-mans with 9 of my friends in any role is infinitely more fun, as are 5-mans with 4 decent players.

    For me, after almost 4 years of WoW, it’s all about ‘good groups’, and 25-mans almost never fit the bill.

  2. Don’t beat yourself up too much. You’re right, shit does happen. What can you do.

    In terms of gear and looting, it is TOUGH in WotLK. Gear overlaps everywhere for so many classes. And then of course you have the stupid people who will roll on cloth gear with +hit, even though they’re a resto druid. Or the rogue who will roll on obvious bear tanking gear. Obviously I don’t know the whole story here, and I don’t know how you guys have your loot system set up (DKP, Officer decided, or whatever), but the whole thing can become a huge issue very quickly =(

    It’s good that you’re still doing what you enjoy though (10 mans). 5s and 10s are definitely more relaxing.

    • Things are getting a bit easier in our 25’s now. We’ve downed Maly and done Sarth with 1 drake. But now we’re using EPGP as our loot system, so the loot is being handled rather well.

      As for my heroics and 10’s. We’re kicking their ass! Check out my armory link for all my achievements done.

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