Posted by: Kalfurion | April 1, 2009

Trees are for Heals

This is a little guide I threw together for my guild‘s forums.  It’s nothing too fancy, everything is straight to the point.

Resto Druid 101


Spirit > Spellpower > Int > Mp5 > Crit/Haste

Spirit: increase regen and also +healing in treeform
Spellpower: pretty obvious, the more of this, the greater your numbers will be
Int: this is an interesting stat as it increases your mana pool and your regen
Mp5: it’s a good stat but never take it over a spirit item
Crit/Haste: the only reason you should have these stats is if it comes with the item. If you’re starting out, don’t focus on these stats

There is nothing wrong with building a crit or a haste set. So if you want to experiment with those stats, go for it.


Head: 30 spellpower 8mp5 (Wyrmrest rep)
Shoulder: 24 spellpower 6mp5 (Sons of Hodir rep)
Cloak: wisdom
Chest: 10 stats
Wrist: 30 spellpower
Gloves: 28 spellpower
Legs: 50 spellpower 20 spirit (tailoring)
Boots: 18 spirit
Weapon: 63 spellpower

These are the best enchants you can get. Of course if you are an enchanter, scribe or leatherworker; you do have better choices.


Red socket: 19 spellpower (runed scarlet ruby)
Yellow socket: 9 spellpower 8 int (luminous monarch topaz)
Blue socket: 9 spellpower 8 spirit (purified twilight opal)
Meta socket: 25 spellpower 2% int (ember skyflare diamond)

In all cases and my opinion I highly suggest you should aim for the socket bonus. If you are lacking stats in one area, you do have the options of other gems.


This is the basic spec most druids look at. You don’t have to follow this build exactly and you are free to move some points around in balance and resto. It depends on your play style and what your raid may need.



Those four are probably your best choices. Out of the four, innervate and swiftmend are both required for raiding. I personally use rejuv because it is my most frequently used heal. I did used to use the regrowth glyph a lot, since I enjoy the HoT attached to it. But once again, it’s your choice.


There is no real rotation to use. However, there are tips that you can use. Always use the rejuv + swiftmend combo for tight situations. If it’s a fight where the tank takes horrible spike damage, you can use nature’s swiftness + healing touch for an extreme heal.

Rejuv should be your primary heal, especially for raid healing. Only worry about using lifebloom on tanks, or a target that is undergoing heavy fire.

Now, for a short direct heal, it’s either nourish or regrowth. It depends on the situation and mostly a judgement call. Regrowth does have the hot attached but nourish is affected by all the hots and has a shorter cast.

A resto druid should always be casting something. Even if a target has full health, there is always the chance he will take damage. I believe there is no excuse to ever be standing still.

It also helps if you know abit about what classes you have tanking for you, so you can determine which direct heals would benefit more. It especially helps if you know their gear and if they are able to take a few hits before you can get a direct heal off.


I only use X-perl, that’s it.

It enhances the raid frames, highlights who has aggro so you can anticipate incoming damage, has a HoT counter, highlights who is being healed, debuffs etc.

I don’t believe in using addons to help heal.



  1. Good guidem well written and very useful

    >I don’t believe in using addons to help heal.

    Try a good installation of Grid (with the extra HoT timers and stuff) and Clique and you will never look back

    Why play at 70% of your potential ?

  2. I keep hearing all this stuff about Grid.

    But I guess I’m a stubborn little thing. Or I just have a huge ego and don’t think I need help healing?

    Whatever my problem is, I know I have one. Saresa tells me all the time. I will check out Grid sometime in the future.

  3. I think you made a mistake. The shoulder enchant is from Sons of Hodir reputation, and the head enchant is from Wyrmrest.

  4. @Asklepiua Whoops, thank you. I ran this post by several guildies and even they didn’t pick up the mistake.

  5. I seem to remember a +81 spellpower enchant for weapon from BC

  6. @HolyWarrior That enchant used to be +81 healing to weapon, sadly it got changed to +40 spellpower after that patch that got rid of healing and spell damage and combined it to a single stat.

  7. I don’t want to come across as overly harsh but I’m sorry to say but your build and healing strategy is weak for raiding;
    Tranquility only hits your party, not the raid so imp. tranq is wasted talent points.

    Healing touch is way too slow for anything useful and is normally only used with natures swiftness, thus Empowered Touch is largely pointless.

    Replenishment in its current form (pre 3.1) is terrible and shouldn’t be taken at all, the proc rate is too low and the return isn’t worth it.

    You don’t need 3/3 in subtlety unless your tanks are terrible, 2/3 is enough.

    Take these 8 talent points and put them in Tranquil Spirit & Nature’s grace.

    Your raid healing shouldn’t be rejuv, its too slow and costly and vulnerable to “sniping”, you can argue sniping problems all day and try to get our raid to stick to assignments but there are two problems with this;
    1) Smart heals & AoE Heals don’t care about assignments
    2) Assignments puts an unessesary burden on a healer if his/her assignments decide that fire a good thing to stand in, if they try to help out and overwrite any hots they’ve wasted your time and their mana, making the raid as a whole a lot less mana efficient.

    Using an add-on like VisualHeal (which interfaces nicely with X-perl btw) you will be able to see incoming heals on any member of your raid. This means that if you cast a nourish on a target, it will tell the rest of the healers that a nourish is incoming and they can go heal something else. Think of your hots (in a raiding environment) more as damage shields than actual healing spells.

    Wild growth + Nourish is going to be your most powerful healing strategy for raid healing. Tank healing hasn’t really changed much since TBC though.

    The rejuv glyph looses its value as you and your raid gear up, check the numbers on WWS or similar and you’ll see it doesn’t actually heal for much towards the end of content, you would be better off with the regrowth glyph, since regrowth also has a high chance of proc’ing Living Seed, it essentially has a 2nd crit chance for extra healing. This makes it pretty good for tank healing through a short enrage with the glyph.

    I think you priorities spirit too highly, consider that if your HoTs heal for more, you don’t need to top-up heal as often, so you get more time outside the 5SR. Thus I’d say stack spell power up to where you are at 2k in ToL and then stack spirit/haste.

    On a side note I’ve personally found that Tuskar’s Vitality is the best boot enchant for me, in the same way that Tuskar’s Vitality boosts DPS time on a mob, it means that I don’t have to chase the tanks around as much because I can close the gap faster. Not something I’d recommend but something to keep in mind, its not always about straight stats 🙂

    Long post! Sorry if I’ve been wordy…just get a little into my theory craftery :>

    • Don’t worry if you think you were harsh. This is why I wrote this post, to see if I could spark some theory crafting and see what others have to say. And thanks, I love to know where I can better my game.

      I’m near 2.2k in ToL since I’m BiS except my OH, so I have no trouble with my spellpower.

      I don’t think my healing strategy is poor, maybe it just came out bad in text. But I have done 10man 3D with only two healers, me being one of them. And I have also solo healed 6min Malygos. I know I am a strong healer and keep looking for challenges.

      I am definately going to look into using those two new talents and see how they work for me.

      Thank you for being so honest. I really do appreciate it.

  8. BC… Tranquility hits ALL party or raid members within 30 yards, not just your own party. Many people still think the talent is useless, but just thought I’d point that out.

    • @Hayjumper It’s still only hits your own party.

  9. It’s a nice post, but you will need to update it within the next 2 weeks. After 3.1, spirit may become extremely devalued over mp5. At present 1 mp5 = approx. 3 Spi, but apparently soon this will turn into 6 Spi. At that point, stacking Int and mp5 may become a more viable strategy for mana.
    It would be worthwhile to mention, that you should bind all your healing spell keys to macros that look like:
    /cast [target=mouseover, exists, help] …
    This will allow you to speedcast HOTs on the frames (of X-perl or another addon) without first clicking on their unit frame. I would argue that this automation is the 30% efficiency increase of dedicated healing addons (Grid, Healbot) that was mentioned.
    An important section would also be “trinkets” – critical if you think that you have to make choice about what to roll on and what to pass on to other healers/DPS. My top choices at present are: Illustration of the Dragon Soul and Forethought Talisman/Darkmoon Card: Greatness depending on whether your assignment is tank or raid. Majestic Dragon Figurine instead of Greatness if you have cash problems..

    • @Fiord I plan on updating it when 3.1 hits. This was written several weeks ago and I didn’t want to wait until the patch hit without posting something useful. It’s another reason why I didn’t go into detail with items, since we all know what’s going to happen with them in several weeks.

      Thanks for the macro tip.

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