Posted by: Kalfurion | October 9, 2008

Wintersaber grind. Done.

Just a really quick post to mention the awesomeness of the Winterspring Frostsaber and the fact that I’ve finally finished the rep grind for it.

* Notice Saresa admiring the mount.

Posted by: Kalfurion | October 7, 2008

Looking for Perfect Group, PST

The other day I was talking to Sar about what classes we prefer in a 5 man group. It broke my Druidy heart when she said she would prefer a Priest as her healer. I then asked her if she would prefer a Priest over me healing the group. Guess what she said! Exactly. She would rather a Priest. Sigh, what is this world coming to. Anyway, so I got to thinking about what classes would make up my ideal group. And even after all the bad mouthing and Resto Druid hate I copped from Sar, I told her that I would prefer a Warlock over any other DPS.

I’ve always had a liking for Warlocks, even back in my MC days I was good friends with a Warlock. I would always prefer Sar over any other Warlocks simply because she annihilates anyone else on the damage meters. She was doing a steady 2k in Hyjal the other day! 1k above all the others Warlocks. And she totally kicked the crap out of this one Warlock we have who paid for his Tier 6 shoulders and still doesn’t know how to play. Ah, such is life. Another great point where skill > gear. Anyway, onto my ideal group!

My ideal group would have to be:

Tank: Paladin
Healer: Me
DPS: Warlock, Mage and Rogue

I’m a bit of a weird one and when I’m playing on other classes I don’t trust having a Resto Druid as a healer over another class. Which I think is a very strange issue. Especially since I know my class so well and know that a Druid can be a very excellent healer.

I’ve already explained why I like having Warlocks as my DPS. For the Mage and Rogue, well, they do have excellent CC even though it would hardly ever be used in my ideal group but the handy sheep to be thrown out there if things get messy and the tank can’t grab it (which would be unusual to happen with a good Paladin). Otherwise they are great classes to bring to most groups, both can do out standing DPS on a single target and makes most runs very quick and fun.

Why a Paladin do you say? I just enjoy not having to worry about my heals pulling a mob that another form of tank is either, too lazy to simply hit it, or just a really bad tank. But that can happen with a Paladin too. I enjoy the fact that they can tank multiple mobs at once. I love watching it. I love Paladins, no matter how much Sar hates them!

And those are my thoughts on my ideal group.

/Teleport: Moonglade

Posted by: Kalfurion | October 5, 2008

Is there any point?

Maybe if I started blogging a month or two ago I may have had more motivation to write about my play style and why I use the certain talents that I do. But I don’t know if there’s any real point with the next patch coming out in ten days.

I suppose there is nothing stopping me from having a whine about things at the moment:

  1. Other Resto Druids. I don’t know what it is but I just do not get along with them in raids. Even if they are doing a great job I just have this massive grudge against them. Like they are trying to steal my thunder or something. Heh, probably because I have such a huge ego. As a certain Warlock would put it.
  2. Stacking +heal gems and wasting the socket bonuses and the +int/+spi hybrid gems. Just don’t do it. A lot of the leather healing gear has great socket bonuses that I find in the end helps so much. If you think you’re super cool by stacking massive amounts of +heals, gear or gem wise. You have another thing coming. It takes a combination of +healing, spirit, regen, mana pool to be a good Resto Druid. If you can’t spam your Hots without running out of mana there is something very, very wrong.
  3. Talents. I understand that certain players use mostly two different specs when it comes to being a Resto Druid. Actually, three. Full Resto talents, or the two other builds comprising of balance talents. Honestly I love being 0/0/61. But something I don’t understand is when a Druid, who’s aiming for full Resto talents wastes their last few points in things that are just plan silly. Like Omen of Clarity. Silly, very silly. I’ve also seen points wasted in Furor. Don’t ask me why, it was just stupid in my opinion.

At the moment, those three points have been on my mind a lot with the way WoW is currently. I know it’s all going to change once that patch comes out. Heaps of different talents to ogle, new spells, all that jazz. Sadly I haven’t had a chance to play with this talents or spells since my internet has been playing up and I won’t have my proper ADSL2 back until the 16th. Oh well.

I guess after Wrath has nicely set in and a few weeks have passed I can starting whining about more things talent and spell wise. I would go into a bit more detail with this post but I feel like I’m in limbo and just waiting around for all the new content.

Posted by: Kalfurion | October 4, 2008

This one time, at Druid camp.

Okay, so I haven’t always been Resto. But that was only because back in the day I was curious about being a Moonkin, as most Druids may or may not be, just because it is a cool looking powerhouse of a thing. Anyway, I wasn’t specced Balance for long, it was just out of curiosity and it wasn’t even for that long, first in the 40’s and then again in the 60’s. I didn’t see it as anything super special. In my eyes anyway. So Resto I stayed.

Of course, there have been times where I have specced Feral. I do have a respectable Tank and DPS set in my bank. Although I’ve only ever raided as Feral once, in SSC. ANYway, I think I should get back on track and stop jumping all over the place. The point of this entry was to go back and look at my progress as a level 70 Resto Druid and how I started raiding as a healer.

As most people would have done, I started by aiming for the Dungeon 3 set, in this case the Moonglade set for us Druidy ones. I did manage to get the entire set and I still have it, as a keep sake I guess. I was in mostly blues at that point, I think the only epics I had were the Exalted mace from Sha’tar rep and the healing neck from Badges. At that point I was sitting at about 1500 +healing, which isn’t too bad. That would be the minimum healing required to start run heroics, in my experience anyway.

After that gear was gathered I was prepared for Karazhan! But there was one problem. I was working whenever my guild raided Karazhan and this was back when Karazhan was the place to be and was pretty challenging. Oh, by the way, back then my Druidy self was in Dying Breed. I’m sure you would recognise that name from Sar’s blog, cause her Druid is in that guild.

But I think that topic is left for another time.

Since I had to work every single time Dying Breed went to go and raid, I was stuck, or was I? I found a guild that needed a healer, Liquid Courage, ah the good old days. I raided with them for quite awhile, only doing Karazhan of course and it’s thanks to them that I got my start in raiding on Kalf. The first run I did with them proved really, really profitable. I got bracers and an off-hand and legs and shoulders, in one run.

It was a pretty amazing experience back then, seeing all of Karazhan for the first time. Of course back then it was a time where a run up to Curator would take about 4 or 5 hours.

So for a few months, I ran Kara every week with Liquid Courage, getting myself geared up to the teeth. By the end of it all, I had every drop I needed from that place except Prince’s damn mace. Which to this day I have still only seen once!

My time with Liquid Courage spanned from November last year to about January if memory serves my correctly. After all that, my work schedule kept changing and I wasn’t even able to raid with Liquid Courage or Dying Breed. So for a month or so I had stopped raiding, until of course I started applying for raiding guilds.

Enter Arcis. Sigh, it hurt to leave Dying Breed. They were a family, hell they still are to me. Saresa mentioned in one of her posts about the same issue and we both feel the same about it because both of our toons grew up in Dying Breed, it’s not an easy step to leave a guild that has been so so good to you.

And that my dear readers is how Kalfurion got his foot into the world of raiding.

Posted by: Kalfurion | October 2, 2008

Stealthy Resto Druids are FTW

Bit of a random post but here goes. Lately I’ve just been clearing quests, things like that. One of the quest lines involves being exalted with the Consortium to get a key to unlock the chamber inside Heroic Mana Tombs to fight an optional boss, link and such here. Anyway since it’s an obscure time nobody seemed interested at all in doing a proper run, so what do I do? Hehe, I stealth it.

Since I’m specced Resto I don’t have that nifty talent that improves kitty stealth so I have to be super careful where I step and how long I wait before I move on. Let me tell you this, it was nerve racking! Luckily I only had to stealth past the first boss and goto the left, behind those Mana Leech things.  Best thing about it was you can unlock the chamber without aggroing the mobs, so that saved me from busting out my awesome hurricanes.


Oh, by the way.  I dunno if this will be the final layout for the blog, I kinda like it, it’s all peaceful and such.  Lol the header is definitely temp.

Posted by: Kalfurion | October 1, 2008

A Little Introduction

It all began as a little joke, laughing at the teacher for being this obsessed about an upcoming game. It did kind of make sense at the time since I was studying Digital Media at the time and it just happened to be the 3D class. He tried to make it a weekly thing, showing us the first opening cinematic to World of Warcraft. Most of us just snickered, until it got stuck in my head. The dreams, the thoughts and then it happened. The game was released and I was playing.

First character created was a Tauren Warrior, got bored of that in the twenties and eventually ended up deleting him. Next up was an Undead Warrior, he’s still around till this day stuck at level 59. But my first true main would be my Orc Hunter, Jrakk. He was my baby, my pride and joy. That’s where I started raiding. MC, ZG, Ony, AQ20 and bits and pieces of the others. No Naxx though… Not yet. Back then you were able to distinguish Hunters from Huntards by seeing if they had acquired Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers and Lok’delar, Stave of the Ancient Keepers. Now that was a true test of skill! Only if they had more quests like that in the game.

Anyway, fast forward a few years. The Burning Crusade arrived, my poor Hunter did see lots and lots of it. I managed to get to 70 within nine days of the expansion being released. He did see Karazhan and all that jazz and I managed to get an epic flyer and a Netherdrake for him. But his guild ended up disbanded and he was stuck in a void. Meanwhile, back on Cenarius, a 20 something Druid was hanging about and was really only made to play with a real life friend and show him how cool World of Warcraft was.

Then it begun.

Kalfurion was born and became my main focus.

As Saresa so loverly put it in the first post for me. This will be a blog about lots and lots of things, mostly Resto Druid related (I really don’t know where she got Moonkin from, sheesh). WoW related stuff will be thrown up here and all sorts of goodies about my obsessive rep grinds, you know, those kind of events. Oh and of course, I do enjoy story writing. I used to write small stories in the Star Wars universe involving characters of my own. And I have had this idea of a story involving Saresa and Kalfurion for quite awhile now.

I hope this turns out well, I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately and I’m sure this will push my creative side again.

Posted by: Kalfurion | September 30, 2008

Hi there! *flails branches*

OK… the branches are a lie.  However, I can assure you that the cake is not.  I know this because I am eating a revoltingly large piece of it right now.  It’s carrot cake too, which is making it even more enjoyable – I am sure those silly plant druid things out there are crying as I devour more vegetation!

As you may have gathered (especially if you have gone to the about page) this is not Kalfurion, whoever he may be.  Readers of Saresa’s blog (which I am going to give ABSURD amounts of link love to in this very post) may be familiar with the name.  Yep, Kalf is the guy who I regularly infuriate by peeing in moonwells and mocking his dying branches.  After a lot of nagging on my behalf, he has been forced decided to start his own blog.  Why?

a)  Kalf likes to talk.  ALOT.  So much so that he wants to write GUEST POSTS on my blog!  The nerve!

b)  I am a pushy creature and thought that it would be fun to see what he would come up with.

What do you think you will see here?

– Lots of QQing about a certain warlock.

– Some story telling, perhaps RP style stuff that I suck at and therefore pretend not to like because it makes me feel better about sucking (very much like TJ’s philosophy… which could almost be confused with TJ’s Phil, but shouldn’t be).

– Druidy stuffs.  Mainly resto.  Possibly boomkin?  *shrugs*

– Skinny ass Australian guy rubbing it in that he can eat 5 times as much as me and not be a fat cow.  Humph.

– More QQing.

– Me popping in to cause havoc?  Well, we shall see… Kalf may like his boundaries, just as I like mine.

Be sure to keep visiting, who knows WHAT will happen here!

❤ Sar

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